Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Integration In Action- Book Review

In last few weeks I have red two very interesting books (Camel in Action and Spring Integration in Action) from Manning. These two books are implements/supports Enterprise Integration Pattern. Well, this review is about “Spring Integration in Action”, so let’s talk about that. Before we go further in to book review, I would like to congrates Mark Fisher & authors as they have done tremendous job in writing this book.

After reading first chapter "Introduction to Spring Integration", you could sense that this book is very well written with well defined chapters. This book can be very informative to user who doesn't know anything about Messaging and for advanced users ready to play with Spring Integration and want to apply some Enterprise Integration Pattern.

Inside the Book

This book contain some where are around 19 chapters and since not all of them are out yet, but so far and each chapter is well defined and up to the point.

Chapter 1 covers good introduction to "Core Messaging" and tooling around Messaging like Router, Message Adopter and spillter. Also, I like the approach taken by Authors by saying "Spring Integration" support Enterprise Integration Pattern instead of Implementing EIP.

Chapter 2 covers Fundamental of EIP "Enterprise Integration Pattern" - This makes this chapter a must read for beginners as this cover some background about EIP and some basic fundamental about EIP.

Chapter 3 covers messages, channel and transaction and relationship between them, and also provides some good examples.

Chapter 4 & 5 provides details about End point, topics and transformer and different types of Channel Adopter available in Spring Integration framework.

Chapter 6 will take you deep in with some examples as how you can build and test some of the POJOs, and how to connect them to channel -

Chapter 7 will take you to another big topic called Router and Filter APIs, and different types of router provided by Spring Integration.

Chapter 9 will provide you details about XML messages payloads and how spring integration provides supports for XML messages.

Chapter 10- This is very interesting chapter as this provides details about relationship between JMS and Spring Integration Framework. I think this chapter is very useful for folks who have used JMS APIs.

Chapter 12 - This chapter cover about how to integrate file system with Spring Integration and how to use one of the channel adopter.

Chapter 18 - This chapter cover scalability messaging with OSGI and integration with RabbitMQ,

Chapter 19- Testing with Spring Integration with set of examples to better understand Spring Integration concepts.

If you have played with Spring Framework and would like to use Spring Integration framework, this book will provide you basic as well as advanced topics. Check it out and ENJOY..

Hope this would help.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. Hope to hear more details when we've finished the book.

  2. Sure, looking forward to full edition of this book.

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  4. Good intro on chapters, adapter has been misspelled through the document.