Thursday, February 3, 2011

Camel In Action - Book Review

Last few days I have been reading Camel In Action from Manning Publication. After reading this "In Action" series book, I must say as always manning books are great for beginner and advanced users. Let's talk about book "Camel In Action" this books provides good overview of "Apache Camel" and why it's one of the best Enterprise Integration Pattern out there. This books cover good implementation details about Apache Camel with lots of code example to make it easier for developers.

Inside the Book

Although, this book contain some where are around 14 chapter and all of them make it really good read. I'm going to cover first eight chapters as these chapters considered as core camel.

Chapter 1 - This Chapter names as "Meet with Camel", as described from its name, this chapter provides good details about Apache Camel and it's architecture.

Chapter 2&3- This chapter covers fundamental concepts like routing and transformation with some very good example codes.

Chapter 4- This chapter covers details about how to work with simple beans with Camel and also provides examples to integrate with Spring.

Chapter 5- Error handing as one of most important aspect of any programming, this chapter divide errors in two segment "recoverable" and "irrecoverable" and covers it very well
with some nice example.

Chapter 6 - Testing with Camel, as name suggested, this chapter talks about testing Junit and testing mock component with Camel.

Chapter 7- This chapter covers different components like Asynchronous messaging , web services camel.

Chapter 8 - Enterprise Integration Pattern, as name suggested this chapter cover fundamental of Enterprise Integration pattern and details about EIP (e.g aggregator, spillter)

There are some very interesting chapters ahead like transaction, concurrency and scalability, developing camel projects etc. Which makes this book a must read if you really want to know about "Apache Camel".

I hope this review would help.


  1. Hi Vikas

    Glad you liked the book. Hopefully the remainder chapters will bring some value to the table as well.

    Happy reading.

    Claus Ibsen

  2. Hi Claus,

    Sure, its well written book. Looking forward to additional chapters.