Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring In Action - Book Review

Spring in Action”, as the book title suggest, this book is all about Spring and let me tell you this book is EXCELLENT for spring framework user. And if you are new spring framework user or advanced developer or has been using Spring framework. This book is perfect for you. Spring in Action 3E is new book for Spring in Action Series books. This book covers Spring framework core concept and all of the other modules from spring framework. So, if you want to be expert in using spring framework this book can help you achieve this goal. I have personally used this book for examples and for reference purpose. Thanks to manning publication also for providing such nice books.

Starting from chapter one, user get to know about spring framework concept and two very important fact of spring programming, one is DI “dependency Injection” and other is AOP “Aspect Oriented Programming”. And this books covers these concepts in great details with some very useful examples.

Second chapter will take you deep in to DI advanced concept, Wiring beans, injecting bean and how spring works with Auto Wiring. I would say these two chapter are must read to understand Spring core fundamental concepts.

Chapter three will teach you about how you can wire your bean togeather, like using XML configuration, Java Config etc…and use of different type of XML schemas..

Fourth Chapter will take you to AOP world. This is very powerful feature in todays programming model and this chapter will teach about basic features about Aspect programming language and how you can use AOP with spring framework.

Fifth chapter will teach about JDBC and other how spring take care of DB connection, exception and how you can use spring framework to connect to DB.

Chapter six will cover the most important aspect of programming “Transaction”, as how to integrate with different Transaction Manager, how to manage transaction withour relying on Container. Also, this chapter cover how to use transaction using annotation.

Chapter seven covers spring MVC framework, with very easy examples to demonstrate powerful MVC framework.

Eight chapter will extend further UI works and will cover about Web Flow framework.

Chapter ninth covers about Spring Security and how to secure your web application using servlet filters, also cover fundamental about security like authorzation and authentication.

Next two chapters are the most critial chapters from this book sa they talk about how to expose service using RMI and how to use Web Services with Spring Framework. I think in todays world using web services are important, but to use them correctly is more important. This chapter covers some good concept about using web services with Spring.

This next chapter covers how to use JMS with Spring framework. Also, covers what spring offers you for JMS APIs.

I persoanlly have used this book and would recommend every spring users to take a look at it, as this book present lots of useful example for each spring modules.

Thanks to Craig Walls for writing very nice book.


  1. The author's name is Craig Walls, not Greg.

  2. Thanks Mike, Craig & Greg sounds so similar.. :-)

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