Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Java EE 6

Lets talk about some of the major new features from JEE6, like profile, pruning, extensibility and ease of development. Web profile is targeted bundle of technology or other words stack of technology, profile can be sub set, super set or overlapping. here's stack from first web profile under JEE 6.

Servlet 3.0
JSP Tag Library 1.2
JSF 2.0
EJB 3.1
Common Annotation for Java 1.1
Java Transaction API 1.1
JPA 2.0

While JEE6 provide you some new features, they are taking out some out dated feature sets, like JAX-RPC, EJB - Entity Bean and JAX-R.

Under Extensibility, JEE6 embrace Open Source Library and frameworks. Also, servlet, servlet filter and context get discovered and register for you. Provide zero configuration and scripting language can be used in some cases.
And of course, java CDI is answer for Spring DI and provide similar functionality to developers.

Overall JEE6 looks interesting and you might want to take a look at full stack from Sun, oops from Oracle :-)

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