Sunday, July 11, 2010

REST Framework implementation

I'm going to write a series of framework that can be used for REST implementation. I have looked different JAX RS vendors such as Jersey, RESTEasy and Restlet JAX-RS. but if you look at client side support, the JAX RS specification does not include a client side API and different JAX RS vendors have proceeded to create their own API's for the same. which means the framework one selects for the client and service ends do not have to be the same. For example, one could have a RESTful service running using Restlet while having a client developed in RESTEasy that consumes the same. In most cases, one will typically be satisfied with using the same client framework as one is using for the service development in order to be consistent and potentially be able to re-use artifacts in both areas if the framework permits the same. i have listed few options take a look at them.

Jersey - A JAX RS reference implementation from Oracle/Sun.
Spring 3.0 - Spring provides a RestTemplate, quite like the JmsTemplate and HibernateTemplate in its support of REST clients.
CXF - An apache project that is a merger of XFire and Celtix. Provides a JAX RS implementation and JAX WS as well.
RESTEasy - A JAX RS reference implementation by JBoss.
Restlet - A new upcoming framework that has support for Client Side REST calls
Apache Wink - A JAX RS implementation that has a client and server side api that has had a 1.0 release just recently
Apache HTTPClient or Http Components - Direct use of HTTP API - Down and dirty.

Im my next post i'll be talking about JERSEY and might present small example of that.

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