Thursday, July 1, 2010

Era of Open Source

Open Source framework, tools over the last few years have defined new era of technologies, from frameworks to infrastructure in my experience, the vast majority of enterprises are very comfortable with open source. Of course, my experience is naturally biased toward those companies who are comfortable paying for services and support around open source, and especially those who are replacing non-functional proprietary software with open source software.
I know 5-10 years ago a lot of the companies using open source would have been very hesitant to rely so heavily on open source, but so many people do now that the market seems to have really changed.

I do think going forward will see lots of companies will move toward using open source, you already have big companies Google, Facebook and Amazon using open source like Hadoop, Puppet etc...I just red article that Adobe has released Puppet Recipes for source community keep growing day by day...

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