Friday, December 16, 2011

Open Source Adoption Will Continue To Grow

We are in to last month of our journey for 2011. This year we have already seen lot's of enterprise going towards open source solutions, vendors are having hard time to compete with this open source adoption emerging market. As we enter in to new year "2012", It wont be hard to predict, this pace will continue to grow faster and faster. More and more enterprise are leaning towards open source solutions. I don't think think this pace of adoption will slow down in near future also, and why it would be?? With open source tools, technology, PaaS providers enterprise can build systems, sites and could achieve up time close to five 9 (99.999%).

Although, enterprise are slowly but steady adopting these services from various cloud provider, By definition, the dynamic of this model removes a lot of the friction that companies experience when adopting open source technology stacks. Think about it, would you still be concerned about using Ruby or MySQL if VMware, Red Hat provisioned, hosted, managed and scaled the technology for you in a very elastic, self-healing infrastructure?

From language to cloud services, open source adoption has almost forced companies to look beyond their umbrella of technology, tools and why not? Many companies (Facebook, Twitter etc) have proven that with only open source solution they can run their business without any issues, as they can scale on demand. I can think of one example in Enterprise Service Bus, Mule is stand out in comparison to other vendor provided ESB’s.

PaaS providers – VMWare Cloud Foundry & RedHat Open Shift Platform, can enable the foundation to host, manage, provision and scale solutions based on some of the most renowned open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Hadoop, MongoDb, MySQL and cassandra. Open source

PaaS platforms represent one of the fastest-growing cloud computing models. With vendors like VMware, and Red Hat leading the way, open source cloud platforms enable the benefits of cloud computing on some of the most popular open source technologies in the market. By providing a model to host, deploy, scale and manage open source solutions, this model overcomes some of the major challenges that have prevented big enterprises from widely adopting open source technologies.

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