Sunday, October 16, 2011


Data –In my opinion its single most important piece of information about any organization. And most familiar analogy out there is – Data Warehousing. I’m not going to take a deep dive in to Data warehousing here. As there are many sites you can go and read about DW and Business Intelligence and how many organizations are using BI. Just in case, if you get lazy and don't want to read in details, i thought of giving a brief description about Business Intelligence/Analytics; and why it’s VERY important for enterprises to enable BI with their IT operations.

Why we need it?

Today with industry trend changing day and night, it become so essential for every organization to understand or analyze data. Most of the IT organizations collect data or use data to predict future or growth for enterprise- it could be retail demand forecasting, supply chain inventory management or customer related data.

Great organizations - Today great organizations distinguish themselves from others as they already using Business Intelligence with their process and operations. While others organizations are getting ready or in a process of enabling BI with their IT operations, so that they can get prepared and be ready to improve their business.  

So what's Analytic?

Analytics is all about gaining insights from the data for better decision making. BI is taking a big lead in IT organizations across the world using data-driven insights for strategic, financial and operational excellence. As these organization using predictive analytics to understand future growth plans for their business. There are many technology company provides tools for BI/predictive analytic.

Here's one Solution: While there are many many solutions are out there...

Recently I came across something interesting and thought of sharing- Oracle announced Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine the world’s first engineered system specifically designed to deliver high performance analysis, modeling and planning. Built using industry-standard hardware, market-leading business intelligence software and in memory database technology, Oracle Exalytics is an optimized system that delivers answers to all your business questions with unmatched speed, intelligence, simplicity and manageability. For more information: follow Oracle Exalytics

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