Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working with Spring Roo -2

Just finished creating project in spring roo with JPA provider, Hibernate. what's cool about it, roo take care of everything and create spring project for you, including all source classes and spring appicationContext.xml and all test classes, and creates POM.xml for you to use for build and test far able to run project using selenium and tomcat as server.

here are some commands:

project --topLevelPackage com.vikasroo (creates project structure, pom.xml and spring app context)
persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database (creates JPA project with Hibernate as JPA provider)
entity --name ~.vikas.Kuma (creates Entity for JPA)
test integration (will verify command JPA operations in test)

its all about TAB in spring Roo...try it out. its good to have some prior Maven knowledge to use this.

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